Film-Nr.: 11203
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Genre: Musicals
Genre: Musik



USA - 2007

DVD - Code 2 - PAL

Regie: Julie Taymor
Darsteller: Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson
Drehbuch: Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais

Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch
Untertitel: Deutsch, Englisch, Türkisch
Laufzeit: 128 Min.
Bildformat: 2.40:1, 16:9
Tonformat: Dolby Digital 5.1
Features: Audiokommentar von Regisseurin Julie Taymor und Elliot Goldenthal, Making Of, entfallene Szenen, Alles über die mUsik, Fotogalerie, Trailer

A phenomenal feature length video clip with the Beatles songs and Julie Taymor's eye at the helm. The story, of course, is wafer thin but who cares, right? We're not here for intellectual enlightenment but for the forceful, visionary, smart ass style of one of the female filmmakers that has already revolutionize the Broadway stage without, really, changing anything. I believe that's the kind of revolution that leaves a sign. The kind that reassures rather than confuse and "Accross the Universe" does just that. The Beatles are reassuring their message is reassuring. Little did that generation know that things were going to take a terrifying turn. Love! Love! Love! All You need is love. Still true but we've never been, as a society, so far apart. It was great to see teen agers humming the Beatles tunes coming out of the theater. The lyrics are like Gospel or lullabies. Was it only yesterday? It feels like centuries ago. The innocence seems foreign and at the same time so real. It will be nice to go back with the experience of hindsight. It doesn't work like that, does it? No, I'm afraid not. In the meantime the great Julie Taymor gives as a beautiful reminder. And a lovely evening out at the movies.